LoveSong Documentary Trailer

UR Founder, Ron Strand, was saved during the era of The Jesus Movement back at Calvary Chapel with Pastor Chuck Smith. The Christian bands and songs of that time had a profound effect on his heart and, to this day, that music means a lot to him. It was a time when Contemporary Christian Music was being birthed and the young people were connecting more to the new bands, rather than the traditional music played in the church. God used the emerging music of that time to speak Ron’s heart and many others during that time and beyond!

For this reason, Ron decided to team up with one of his favorite bands of that time, Love Song, to tell the story of the birth of the CCM genre. Not only were lives changed back then, but they are continuing to be affected from the stories, lessons, and music of Love Song and The Jesus Movement. And so, Love Song: The Documentary has become a special project of The Upper Room.