About the Shows

In 2022, we began holding small intimate events in the Upper Room’s studio in Irvine, which holds only seventy guests. (Coincidently the very same building where the Upper Room began in 2009). The Upper Room studio was originally built in 2020 during the Covid shutdowns for the purpose of staying connected to our audience by hosting a weekly interview podcast show streamed on YouTube and Facebook. As a result, REAL TALK with Ron Strand was born, and continues today.

With a desire to provide additional online content, the Upper Room streaming platform was created in 2021 when we asked pro-life advocate, Victoria Robinson to join our platform and create her own interview show called WHAT’S ON MY MIND with Victoria Robinson.

In the summer of 2022, a third streaming show was added when we invited recording artist, Bob Bennett to join our platform with the show he created in 2020 called BOB BENNETT WEEKLY LIVE.

Real Talk with Ron Strand

The goal of Real Talk is to introduce you to various Christians of note, and to highlight their stories and testimonies. These interviews are designed to encourage and inspire you in your daily Christian walk. Ron has a kind and comfortable interview style, but digs deep with each guest, which highlights their story in a way that brings encouragement and impact. Ron’s guests have included an array of influential Christians, spanning from Governor Mike Huckabee, Gary Chapman, Phil Keaggy, Benny Hester, Amir Tsarfati, and many others.

What’s on My Mind with Victoria Robinson

What’s on My Mind, hosted by Victoria Robinson, dives deep into all the hot topics of the day from a Christian perspective. Victoria’s background and passion focuses on the pro-life movement and helping both women and men recover from emotional scars caused by abortions. Her guests range from interviews with doctors and other prominent pro-life activists. But her scope does not end there. She faces the issues of the day head-on, and interviews key figures who shed light on these hot topics. Listeners walk away feeling better equipped to engage in cultural conversation topics.

Bob Bennett Weekly Live

Bob Bennett is our newest host on The Upper Room Channel. Bob Bennett is a nationally known singer/songwriter and recording artist who has released more than 11 albums in his forty-plus year career. Aside from his incredible musical talent, Bob has a warm and whimsical way to communicate to his audience and has a faithful following. Bob’s show is a live online experience where he interacts with his audience, plays all his classic songs, and takes requests. His way of making the hour fun, playful, and meaningful makes you feel like you are spending time together with him in his living room!

You can catch his show live every Saturday night at 5 PM, pacific time.