Your donations are vital in helping us bring people top-notch, clean and spiritually uplifting entertainment. From our hearts to yours, we thank you.

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Since the Upper Room’s conception, we have operated on a donation basis. UR Founder, Ron Strand, has always had a desire that everyone be able to attend, and that money not be the reason for someone not to come and experience a great show. We have always hoped that this would inspire the principal of the ‘Widow’s Mite’ so that people can still attend and contribute what they can afford.

Sadly, the recession has hit us all hard and has caused us to take pause and rethink our donation system. While it is our desire to continue to bring you these great live events, we are no longer able to offer them on a donation basis. We have begun to implement ticketed live shows, to help cover our costs. Our events are always live-streamed so all fans can still enjoy the experience without having to pay the ticket price. Your prayers and tax-deductible donations are still coveted in helping us to continue to host our faith-based shows, and online content.

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